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Batería de suelo Power Station 4/2

Batería de suelo Power Station 4/2


  • Input: 1 to 4 installable batteries, hot swappable
  • Output (outside), 6 simultaneous:
  •  2x regulated 48V, max 560W (user selectable)
  •  2x regulated 28V, max 560W (user selectable)
  •  2x regulated 14V, max 340W (always available)
  • Output (inside): 2x USB 5V 3A - 15W max/each
  • AC charging feature: 4 independent 65W battery chargers included to charge the batteries in place
  • Display: 20x4 backlighted LCD
  • Lightweight, IP67 waterproof, unbreakable case with ergonomic handle
  • Automatic valve to automatically self adjusts the internal air pressure
  • Heavy duty latches designed to remain closed even if the case falls
  • Reinforced corners for maximum impact resistance
  • Size: 434 x 371 x 193 mm (17.09" x 14.61" x 7.60")
  • Weight: 5.5Kg (12.13lbs) without batteries


For maximum performance BLUESHAPE suggests the usage of High-Drain batteries

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