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Viewfinder udf Kish S35V/anamorphic

Viewfinder udf Kish S35V/anamorphic


  • Interchangeable lens mounts – PL, PV, EF, Nikon mounts
  • Spherical and Anamorphic Viewing – Optional Modular 2x De-squeezer
  • Ergonomically designed Pivoting Handle Grip aiding Counterbalance
  • Adjustable Eyepiece/Diopter


Ergonomically designed viewfinder system that offers Anamorphic and Spherical Capabilities, interchangeable lens mounts and more. Attach any cinema lens to the viewfinder to get a true rendering of the image.


The Ultimate Director’s Anamorphic Viewfinder with an optional modular 2x De-squeezer offers you a bigger variety of interchangeable lens mounts: EF, PL, PV, Nikon 

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